Breed Simple
Whether you live on a hobby farm with lots of elbow room or you’re a city dweller who likes to get out and get active, the noble border collie can provide enthusiastic companionship (as long as you have a surplus of energy and don’t mind sweeping up tufts of hair every now and again…and again…and again). Originally bred to herd sheep in Scotland, border collies are incredibly intelligent and highly trainable. Their inherent athleticism makes them perfect companions for those who like to jog, hike or take the dog everywhere they go. Be warned, though: When a border collie is focused on a job (whether it's herding chickens, chasing cats or catching tennis balls) he or she will remain laser-focused until the job is done. Whether you want them to or not!
Border Collies
border collie resting its paws on a a black fence
Border Collie Stats
1-10 Scale
Size: 30-50 pounds
(1 = fits in a teacup, 10= get a forklift)
10 (needs regular activity and tasks) (1 = lazybones, 10 = rocket)
10 (1 = sillybilly, 10 = super-genius)
8 (after the workday is over) (1 = least snuggly, 10 = hugs for days)
Lifespan: 12-15 years
8 (1 = shortest, 10 = longest)
10 (needs regular brushing) (1 = doesn’t shed, 10 = knit a sweater)
(loving and protective,
hesitant with strangers) (1 = most temperamental, 10 = most easygoing)

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