Taste of the Wild and PREY manufacturing plant -- family-owned brand
From the Family
John Kampeter Director of Marketing, Taste of the Wild Pet Foods and Second-Generation Family Owner
WELCOME. In the spirit of Taste of the Wild PREY, I’ll keep this pretty simple. We understand that the constant dance of balancing home, work and social life can be complicated. Throw a pet (or pets) into that mix and it can get downright exhausting. Taste of the Wild PREY is about getting back to basics. Sure, it’s pet food. But it’s more than that. It’s a mindset. Watch your dog or cat closely. Look how little they need to be satisfied. To them, happiness is…simple. They don’t need bells and whistles, excess and extravagance. And their pet food doesn’t either. From our family to yours, we hope to make your life just a little easier by providing you with a simple, wholesome pet food you can feel good about feeding. With PREY Magazine, we hope to give you a reason — a reminder — to take a break, take a breath, and enjoy the simple things life has to offer. Like your pet. Thank you, and welcome to the pack,
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