Those who know Biscuit know that she is not a simple girl. Ever since we brought her home, she’s always loved attention and play and has continuously surprised us with her comedy. Most recently, she developed a funny little habit where her tongue will hang out just the slightest when she is resting (or pretending to sleep and keeping one eye on the action). However, those who give their hearts to the caretaking and companionship of animals know that even the most high-maintenance pets bring simplicity to life in beautiful and unexpected ways. They force us to look outside ourselves and monitor the happiness, heartbeat, and wellness of another living thing. They unscramble our inherent tendency toward selfish living. Biscuit clarifies my priorities and focuses my perspective by allowing me to enjoy the outdoors more and develop meaningful friendships based on common interests, and by inviting me to cuddle more. The physical contact between us is a very special therapy that I realize as being specifically offered by her species only. It might seem contradictory that we spend a lot of our time with our noses in technology taking pictures with Biscuit for social media, but this really does encourage me to search for the little things that make Biscuit her special self. Only one of her legs is orange, and she has a freckle just above her lip on one side. She can sense the approach of a friend from at least 200 yards away, and she really only rolls in the grass when she can smell a worm under the soil. With Biscuit in our lives, we work less and play more, worry less about the future and smile more about the present. Our complicated, attention-seeking, picky-eating, spirited girl finds a way to ease our burdens and lift our eyes to what is important. Her intricacies bring a sense of familiarity and consistency to our lives that we could never replace, and would never want to. Biscuit is a three-year-old King Charles Cavalier spaniel who lives in Chicago. Candace Queathem is Biscuit’s mom. She helps Biscuit type and take selfies.
Candace Queathem and her King Charles Cavalier spaniel Biscuit
– POV: This Pet’s Human –
Living Simply with Biscuit
By Candace Queathem

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