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Pet owners aren’t ready for disaster
Pet owners are prepared for almost anything, from accidental puddles to storm-related anxiety issues. But it turns out that almost none of us are prepared for natural disasters. A new study by Banfield Pet Hospital revealed that 91 percent of pet owners are not equipped to handle a hurricane, tornado, earthquake or other Mother Nature-created devastation.
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Changes when flying the fur-friendly skies
Heading out of town with your best pal? Check your airline’s newest regulations. At least one major airline (United) has overhauled its pet transport policy. Some of the changes include the decision to not “ship” any animals to warm destinations (Phoenix, Las Vegas, etc.) during the summer months.
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Labrador retrievers still top dog
For the 27th year in a row, labs are the top pup of dog mountain, according to the American Kennel Club’s annual survey of dog breed popularity. German shepherds remain second-most popular and golden retrievers once again take the bronze. French bulldogs, however, jumped to fourth from sixth place, continuing their steady rise since 2013, when they came in 11th.
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Millennials make the pet world go 'round
According to a new survey from TD Ameritrade, 72 percent of millennials (our current largest generation) consider their pets to be their children, and they’re more than willing to spend more money on their fur babies’ health than their own. That’s puppy love!
Old (and young) cats learn new tricks
Cats that learn to high-five are more likely to be adopted than other cats. Jackson Galaxy is going above and beyond to make shelter cats more easily adoptable.
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