What does "simple living" mean?
We hit the streets and asked pet owners how they live the simple life!
A Survey of Pet Lovers
Andy Nelson, stylist
“Minimalism. Growing your own food, taking the boat out on weekends. Having a quiet night with the dogs.”
– Andy Nelson, Stylist
Kristen Maxey, nurse
“To simplify, I like to disconnect. My dogs helps me do that. My dogs are pure bred, but we don’t do shows. We hike, camp and swim. We’re pretty laid back and live in the moment. Dogs keep you chill. It’s an example of how to live: they don’t take things too seriously.”
– Kristen Maxey, Nurse
“We live pretty simple. We’re on 3 acres, we grow our own food and sometimes I’ll make Bender’s food. He likes to swim in our pond. And today we ran 14 miles on the Katy Trail.  Last year we ran a 5K. I try to run the number of miles that match the year, so this year we have to do 18 and he keeps going and he’s right there with me.”
– Brittany Davenport, Nurse
“Cooking for myself and sharing it with my pets.”
– Nicole Reuter, Aesthetician
“To breathe easy — if I don’t, my puppy won’t. My anxiety is his anxiety.”
– Olli
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