A man, woman, and black lab on a run on a trail in the mountains
Best Pet Cities
Scottsdale, AZ Way back in 2017, the New York Times listed the best American cities for pets. What was named top dog? It wasn’t the wilds of Boulder, Colorado, or the sandy beaches of Honolulu or the hipster dog-walking mecca of Portland, Oregon. No, according to “All the News That’s Fit to Print,” the Great Dane of pet cities is…Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Road-Tripping with Your Pet
Maybe it’s a weekend getaway. Maybe it’s a months-long journey across the country. Maybe you just want to take your cat to Vegas. Regardless, if you’re a dog or cat lover, you probably don’t want to leave your best pal in the dust when you pile into your Datsun.

White Maltese dog wearing sunglasses looking out a car window
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