When you share your home with a pet (or three), you learn to accept a certain amount of pet hair. To help you tame the roving fur motes, we’ve compiled simple tips for removing pet hair from almost every surface of your house.

Start with the pet — Bathe and brush your pet regularly (outside, if possible). Products such as the Kong Zoom Groom brush can help loosen the hair. Better to capture hair in the drain trap or brush before it disperses around your house!

The pet hangout — Cover pet beds or other favorite snoozing spots with a sheet or blanket and wash these frequently.

Upholstered furniture — Lightly spritz the area with water, then run a squeegee, rubber glove or sponge over the surface. A dry, textured pumice stone can do the trick, too. All of these are less expensive and usually more effective than lint rollers.

Hardwood, tile or linoleum — While brooms and vacuums can just stir up the hair, a damp electrostatic mop, such as a Swiffer, usually attracts pet hair.

Carpet — A vacuum with powerful suction is well worth the investment, and many pet owners rely on models such as the Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner. Others opt for robotic vacuums that constantly patrol the house on their own.

Clothing — Before washing, place clothes in the dryer for ten minutes on a heat-free, tumble-dry setting to loosen hair. After washing, place clothes in the dryer with non-scented dryer sheets to eliminate the static cling that can attract pet hair. Remember to clean lint traps regularly.

Air ducts — If possible, have your air ducts professionally cleaned annually.

Back to the pet — A form-fitting T-shirt can help prevent hair from scattering around the house (of course, only if the pet agrees to wear it). This can also help reduce the dander (or dead skin flakes) in the environment that can stir up human allergies.

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Simply Keep Pet Hair at Bay
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