For most pets, the pursuit of adventure consists of sniffing around the backyard. Or sticking a head out of the car window.  Maybe even going on a hike. For Chloe, a ten-year-old mostly Himalayan cat, her pursuit led her to the end of a longboard. Yeah, Chloe is a cat who surfs. “As a kitten, she would follow me to the beach with no leash and walk at the water’s edge, getting soaked every time a wave broke onto the shore,” says Chloe’s person, Siren Williams. “It was clear that she had very little fear of the water, so we started going to the beach together a lot, and we’d knee-paddle on my longboard in the river just a few blocks off the beach. She’d ride on the nose of the board and loved it, so one day we tried the same thing in the surf. She had very few complaints, so I started taking her into the surf more often.” Siren, a surfer, musician and world traveler, takes Chloe everywhere she goes, often camping in a classic Volkswagen bus. Even if it’s just a short jaunt around the neighborhood, Chloe tags along on a leash. She loves to be out and about, and she lives her on-the-go lifestyle with only one eye, due to an incident in 2013 with an aggressive dog. While she is a magazine and Internet (you can find her on Facebook and Instagram) star, Chloe barely notices her fame. But she does notice other online pets. “She loves the cat videos on Instagram!” Siren says.  “Since she understands the concept of there being other animals in my magical devices, I’ve tried to show her videos of herself on the phone and she always just looks a little bit stunned.” But not as stunned as your typical surfer when they see a cat catching a tube.

surfer Siren Williams holding her Himalayan cat ChloeSiren Williams and her Himalayan cat Chloe on a turquoise surfboard in
Hanging Ten, Himalayan-Style
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