Did You Know?
Does your dog or cat suffer from non-seasonal itching, hair loss, chronic ear infections or skin infections?

If so, your pet might be suffering from a food allergy or sensitivity. Consult your veterinarian, and consider a limited ingredient diet.
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Breed Simple
Border Collies Whether you live on a hobby farm with lots of elbow room or you’re a city dweller who likes to get out and get active, the noble border collie can provide enthusiastic companionship (as long as you have a surplus of energy and don’t mind sweeping up tufts of hair every now and again…and again…and again).

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Sautéed Trout with Spicy Lentils and Greens for 2
Recipe: PREY + 2 Sautéed Trout with Lentils and Greens Dogs and cats love the tasty simplicity of PREY, and now you can, too! Prey + 2 is a recipe created for the people in our pets’ lives, using the same ingredients as a PREY pet recipe plus two more (and some suggested seasonings). Dig in, and see what they wag about.

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Pets! They're Just Like Us!
People like the simple pleasures of life. Good food, good times and good relaxation. Turns out, so do our pets!

3 Simple Ways to Streamline Your Life
Simplify Your Pet's Toy Box We’ve all done it: we buy our pet an expensive catnip-infused perpetual-motion mouse toy or a fully automated ball-thrower… aaaand little Mittens would rather just play with the packaging. The point is, your pet’s toybox is one place where you can keep it simple.

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