two people and their dog on a stony path taking a hike
Man vs. Pet
A Bit Fit for a Bark
Welcome to "Man vs. Pet," where we compare technology meant for humans to versions adapted for our faithful four-footed friends. How does the pet tech stack up?
This edition: The FitBark vs. The FitBit

woman taking a selfie with her black large breed
Pets in the News Our pets are our world. And here’s a little bit of news that affects them in that world.

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Simple Life Hacks
Simply Keep Pet Hair at Bay
When you share your home with a pet (or three), you learn to accept a certain amount of pet hair. To help you tame the roving fur motes, we’ve compiled simple tips for removing pet hair from almost every surface of your house.
Pet Food Terms Organic vs. Simple vs. Limited Ingredient
Many trends in the human food industry have moved from pet parents’ plates to their pets’ food bowls. That includes trends in organic, non-GMO and gluten-free foods, as well as “clean eating” and “simple living” lifestyles.

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