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medium-sized dogs in the water at the Getaway at Glen Highland Farm
All dogs go to heaven, right? Luckily for dog lovers, heaven is nestled in the foothills of central New York, and you can visit anytime you want. As long as you make reservations, of course. The only prerequisite is that you bring your four-footed friends. Welcome to the Getaway at Glen Highland Farm. It’s 175 acres of countryside, hiking trails, forests, meadows and sports fields, not to mention the picturesque Butternut Creek that spears through the property. Every acre is geared for off-leash fun for dogs, in the water or on the trails. “It’s heaven on earth for dogs,” says owner/operator Lillie Goodrich. “The range of experiences for every dog and dog lover is truly unique.” If you’re looking for a place to unleash (literally!) June through September, you can’t share a better experience with your dog than Glen Highland Farm, as long as you’re into “upscale” camping. Cabins and cottages are available, but many guests opt for tents or RVs (bring your own RV or rent one on-site!). The cottages do have electricity and refrigerators, but no private bathrooms. And there are in-ground firepits and dog-washing stations with shampoo provided. It’s ruffing it, but in the best of circumstances. Most importantly, a getaway at Glen Highland Farm is a vacation you can feel good about. In addition to being a rustic doggie playground, the farm is a nonprofit organization that is a dedicated rescue operation specializing in border collie rescue. Since 2001, thousands of herding dogs have found new lives through Glen Highland. All proceeds from the resort directly support the rescue. Your reservation covers lodging; use of dining pavilion, cooking and storage facilities; picnic and lounging areas; bathroom facilities; and enjoyment of 175 acres of countryside.

Dog Lovers Can Vacation with a Cause
at the Getaway at Glen Highland Farm
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